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Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller Wage All Out War For Kids

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Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller Wage All Out War For Kids 1Charlie Sheen and estranged wife Brooke Mueller are at war over their children and so far Brooke has deftly used Charlie’s free-wheeling lifestyle with Bree Olsen and Natalie Kenley to knock him back on his heels.

Sheen was on a major roll, ranting against his bosses and shacking up with two ‘goddesses,’ until he started parading around with his 23-month-old sons Bob and Max in his real life sit-com “Two Half Men.”

Mueller charged that Sheen punched her, threatened to stab her in the eye and vowed to cut off her head and send it to her mother in a box in her request for a restraining order.
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That prompted authorities to remove the children from his custody.

Sheen’s public image, which had been largely positive for “sticking it to the man,” suddenly turned ugly.

Click here to see Brooke Mueller’s restraining order.

He went from bad-boy anti-hero to loud-mouthed lout.

Now he must stay 100 yards from Mueller and the kids.

She’s going even further, demanding that his “goddesses” submit to regular drug tests before they get near her children, according to gossip site radaronline.

The move follows allegations by Brooke that Sheen has been physically and verbally abusive toward her.

One of Sheen’s buddies videoed the actor handing the kids over to police.

“Don’t say goodbye, just say see you later,”Sheen said, after his kids said goodbye to him.

If it was a play for sympathy, it backfired. Sheen looked emasculated and powerless, just another out-of-control Hollywood actor.

Mueller said Sheen took the kids on Saturday, after barely seeing them for most of the year, and refused to return them.

They quickly became props in his freak show.

Besides allegations of abuse, Mueller also claims Sheen made anti-semitic remarks about his manager Mark Burg.

Sheen called the restraining order “retarded” and “frickin’ gibberish.”

He also called Brooke a “friggin liar,” but who can believe him?

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