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Tiger Woods Gal Rachel Uchitel, Happiness is a Warm Gun

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Tiger Woods Gal Rachel Uchitel, Happiness is a Warm Gun 1Tiger Woods’ alleged ex-mistress Rachel Uchitel is back in New York and she’s packing heat. The former Woods flat-backer is going to work as a private investigator and she will be licensed to carry a gun.

Although it takes years of work before a police officer can become a detective, Uchitel reportedly is working on getting a P.I. license after graduating from a 10-week private investigation course.

She left no doubt about her love of firearms. “I love the Glock,” she said about the semi-automatic handgun used by police agencies. Her next favorite is the .357 Magnum, which packs a lot of punch.

The former nightclub hostess and Hamptons party girl reportedly will start work Monday (Mar. 21) for Dale Gustafson, who runs the DGA Detectives Academy.

Gustafson told radaronline that Uchitel had the one of the highest final exam scores in the school’s history.

Uchitel says she won’t waste her time chasing “cheating spouses,” despite her wide experience with them.

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She was most famously linked with Woods, while he was married, and dated married actor David Boreanaz, star of the Fox hit “Bones,” while his wife was pregnant.

“I want to solve cases for the underdog, for people who don’t have a voice,” she told The New York Post.
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Smells like a reality television show in the making.

Uchitel has applied for licenses in New York and California, and said she eventually wants to open her own company.

“I’m thinking of calling it Puma PI,” she joked in an obvious reference to Woods.

Tiger’s marriage to Swedish beauty Elin Nordegren ended in divorce, after his serial womanizing was exposed.

He recently began dating, Alyse Lahti Johnston, 22, a college student and the daughter of an executive at the sports management firm that handles him as a client.

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