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Robert Pattinson at His Most Candid Yet: I’m a Romantic Soul

1Robert Pattinson may have movie-star good looks, but he’s an artist at heart. Despite being a heartthrob who could have his choice of women, Pattinson shuns casual sex and admits he’s a hopeless romantic.

“I grew up with two older sisters, and I have a great respect for women,” says Rob, 24.

“I hate the lack of prudishness, I get bored when people are ostentatious of their body. Sex and feeling for me walk side-by-side.”

Pattinson is currently promoting “Water for Elephants,” his new film with Reese Witherspoon and Christolph Waltz.

He’s also shooting the last in the “Twilight”series “Breaking Dawn, Part 1 and Part 2,” and isn’t interested in parlaying his good looks into an empty acting career.

Instead, Rob, who writes music and plays the piano and guitar, wants to enjoy his life, have children someday and is determined not to let fame ruin his life, as it has for so many other stars.
In the new issue of Italian magazine Style, Pattinson discusses his thoughts on fame, co-star/girlfriend Kristen Stewart and life after “Twilight.”

Here’s a translation.

On casual sex and true love: “There is the idea of saving love: I believe it. I’m not mushy but I have a romantic soul. Having grown up with two older sisters I have a deep respect for women. Sex and feeling for me go hand-in-hand.


This is me, just me. I’m not interested in casual relationships, I need to know people. I’m not making an existential statement here: simply, I want a family, with two or three kids…”

On Kristen Stewart: I’m not a man for short and superficial love affairs. I don’t talk about my relationships with female friends, not to mention how I don’t talk about the rumors about my relationship with Kristen Stewart, an actress I admire because she’s a real person, and a real actress.

“It was the chemistry I had with her helped me to get my role in ‘Twilight.’”

On his love of music: “Music is a key aspect of my life. I wish I could play a movie about Buckley, his voice, his songwriting gave me a lot.

“I’m interested in his creativity, in his existence, even in his death by drowning in 1997, in the Mississippi.”

On his acting career: “I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to be an actor; I had always thought I was going to be a writer or a musician. But then I fell In love with the adventurous aspect of cinema. And I found the discipline, the ethic, and let me tell you, the inner call, which helped me to give a proper structure to my life.

I am a cinephile, I’ve always loved cinema. It’s a passion. Cinema has the most important, and the truest communicative task: it makes us dream, it broadens our imagination, and yes, it can help us become better people.

“I started studying French just because I was interested in the nouvelle vague director Godard. All of this doesn’t make me a ‘celebrity’ even if I later entered the Hollywood system.”

On his family: “I have a solid family behind me, two sisters, Lizzie is a musician like me; yes I play piano and guitar and I even wrote songs for ‘Twilight.’ I remain an Englishman, I still remember my days in a public school, the Harrodian, where I wasn’t an extraordinary student, but always curious and open to cultural variety.

“My family taught me a sense of reality, of duty, the refusal of any kind of hysteria and I’ve never considered myself superior to Americans because I’m from London. I hate every kind of snobbery: it has often racism behind it.”

On fame: “I came to a point where I said: ‘I’m going to be a professional actor, looking for the origins of my characters, making something real out of this ephemeral job.’

“This will allow me to live the life I want to live, to be active in green politics, to be a citizen of the world. Fame is an handicap, not a privilege, it often complicates things.

“I try to not fall in the web of top class hotels, first-class flights, designers sending you tons of stuff, thousands of girls everywhere.”

On being a target for gossip: “I don’t let people take pics of the houses I rented both in New York and London. When I’m in L.A. I live mostly in hotels. You can live very well in the anonymity of a hotel room, especially when you have a piano to play.”

Check out these new outtakes of Rob from various photo shoots.

Robert Pattinson Strikes a Pose (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
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