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Katy Perry Plays a Space Oddity in New ‘ET’ Video (watch!)

1Katy Perry ventures into the world of high-price production to create an out-of-this-world experience in her new video for her remixed single “E.T.” Would you believe Kanye West rapping while in outerspace? Believe it.

Perry seems intent on playing at the highest levels of audiovisual experience on par with recent high-concept videos by West himself and Lady Gaga.

The Paparazzi singer released a high-concept, nine-minute video last year complete with an appearance by Beyonce.

Perry has teased the video for the past week or so, with the release of a series of photographs that show her in “Star-Trek” like costumes with ornate hair and face makeup.

Check out Katy’s photos; click to enlarge!


Whether this ushers in a reinvention for the heretofore bubbly pop singer, a la David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, remains to be seen. But there is nothing androgynous about the curvy California Gurl singer.

She looks as sexy as she does other worldly.

The video opens with black and white scenes of what looks like a long vanquished earth, reduced to piles of rubble and rusting junk. An eerie 40-style pop tune echoes, obviously Perry singing.

The camera zooms in on a damaged but still functioning robot that culled have been culled from an early Jules Verne silent movie.

The camera continues to pan in on a glowing chest window in the robot until it segues to West, hurtling through space in a rocketship and breaking into a rap.

From there the scene cuts to an alien spinning to the beat through space and morphing into Perry, heavily festooned in flowing robes and elaborate makeup, singing and spinning in space, while other images flash across the screen.

All in all, an interesting concept.

Perry eventually lands on what looks like a moon, but it could be a ruined earth. she gets jiggy with a robot that could have been culled from the Disney movie, “Wall-E.”

Meanwhile, West plays rap-version of Major Tom, floating in his spaceship far, far away.

Check out her video; click to go. Also take a look at her photos; let us know what you think in the comments below.


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