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Robert Pattinson Talks Kissing! See His Most Romantic Photos

“Twilight hunk” Robert Pattinson says kissing his co-stars is easy because he has a “big head” that facilitates a smooch. He’s had plenty of on-screen practice, with some hot leading ladies. Watch out Kristen.

Rob’s 5’2″ co-star Reese Witherspoon was asked what it was to kiss the much taller 6’1″ Pattinson at a press junket in Santa Monica, Calif., to promote their new film “Water for Elephants.”

“What’s it like to kiss a tall guy? I don’t know,” Reese, 34, replied. “In the movies, they put you on a box and then you kiss the tall guy.”

Robert, 24, chimed in, saying the height difference wasn’t an issue.

Check Out Rob’s Most Romantic Scenes
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“It’s really easy for me. I have got quite bad posture,” Pattinson joked.

“And I’ve got like a big, heavy head, so it just slumps down the minute you’re in the right spot kind of naturally.”

Despite Rob’s self-deprecating humor, he and Kristen won “Best Kiss” at the MTV Movie Awards in 2009 for a liplock between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

Rob had some practice before “Twilight.” He had a love scene with Rachael Stirling in the UK television production “The Haunted Airman.”

He even swung the other way with an on-screen kiss with Javier Beltran in “Little Ashes,” in which he plays artist Salvador Dali.

Rob also had some heated romantic scenes with Emile De Ravin in “Remember Me,” especially on the beach!

In his up-coming film “Bel Ami,” Rob beds a number of women, including co-star Uma Thurman, who is 16 years his senior.

The lanky Rob, who’s anxious to shed body fat for his role in upcoming film “Cosmopolis,” says he didn’t mind shoveling animal manure on the set of “Water for Elephants.”

His latest film, “Water for Elephants” comes out April 22. Check out some of his most romantic scenes.

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