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Charlie Sheen Pays Big Time for Brooke Mueller Divorce

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Charlie Sheen Pays Big Time for Brooke Mueller Divorce 1Charlie Sheen officially divorced ex-wife Brooke Mueller, but it’s going to cost him big time. He’s been ordered to pay $55,000 a month in child support for twins Bob and Max. Better beg harder for his old job back.

The divorce will also cost Sheen almost $800,000 up front and another $1 million from the interest in their marital home, according to gossip Web site TMZ.

Mueller, 33, will sign over the property to Charlie, and the couple will share custody of the kids.

The three-year marriage ended colossally in a Christmas meltdown in Aspen, Colo. in 2009.

She alleged that he held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her during the incident.

Sheen pleaded guilty last year to assault charges, but served no time in jail.

In what appears to be some ex-wife rivalry, the divorce decree requires the support for Bob and Max to be no less than the support paid by Charlie to for his children, Sam and Lola, with ex-wife Denise Richards.

Sheen’s recent troubles have been well publicized. They include drug and alcohol binges and a major blowup with porn actress Capri Anderson in a swank New York City hotel that led to his temporary arrest.

But Mueller has been fighting her own demons.

She was forced to returned to rehab after her own substance abuse binge and was said to be addicted to crack cocaine, which happens to e Sheen’s drug of choice.

Since the split, Sheen has been living erratically. He lost his $2-million-an-episode job on hit sit-com “Two and a Half Men,” after refusing to go to rehab and trashing co-creator Chuck Lorre.

For a time, he was living with two women, both in their twenties. But porn star Rachel Oberlin has since left him, leaving ex-nanny Natalie Kenly at his side.

He’s been touring the country to mixed reviews with a one-man stand-up show, although for much of it he sits down.

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