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Star-Crossed Nene Leakes Quits Donald Trump's Apprentice (video)

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Star-Crossed Nene Leakes Quits Donald Trump's Apprentice (video) 1 Listen to this article

Star-Crossed Nene Leakes Quits Donald Trump's Apprentice (video) 2Reality TV personality Nene Leakes pulled a first on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” She fired herself! The Housewives of Atlanta star walked out on the show after a contentious confrontation with Star Jones.

Jones, however, got her comeuppance; she was fired in one of the most out-of-control, raucous episodes yet.

Leake’s disaffection with the show began last week when she clashed with Jones in a boardroom showdown. Both were trying to avoid being fired.

While they both survived The Donald’s wrath, the bad blood spilled over into this week’s show.

To quell some of the contention, Trump reorganized the teams, pitting Meatloaf, Jones and Marlee Matlin against Leakes, LaToya Jackson, Lil John and John Rich.

Leakes, however, was a no show. Even the Donald couldn’t convince her to return. Nene made clear that Star was the issue.

“You have seven talents there Mr Trump and you accommodated Star – that’s not fair. You fell for her bullsh*t,” she said.

“I can’t stand this environment – it’s too negative. I can’t stand being around Star,” she said in a text message to her teammates, bidding them farewell.

But the drama didn’t end there. Meatoaf broke out in tears during the comedy challenge. He feared that his group could lose, sending all the money they raised to the other group’s charity.

‘I can’t gamble the money for the kids. My heart won’t let me. I just can’t’, he sobbed.

When the teams returned to the boardroom, Trump fired Leakes right off the bat, calling her a quitter.

Since Meatloaf’s team won the comedy challenge, raising $102,080 to $82,500 for Latoya’s team, that put Latoya on the bubble. Trump fired her, next.

In the next challenge the two teams had to craft a commercial for Onstar’s car vehicle safety device, pitting project managers Rich against Matlin.

Although typically the project manager gets the ax, Trump, apparently fed up with Star’s diva ways, fired her instead.

“You were in charge of branding,” he said to Jones. “Star, you’re fired.”

That left Matlin as the only woman left on the show. Is The Donald a sexist?

Check out the action below:

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