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Beyonce Goes Post-Apocalyptic in Girls Video (watch!)

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Beyonce Goes Post-Apocalyptic in Girls Video (watch!) 1Beyonce is bouncing back with a new video for “Run the World (Girls)” off her new album “4,” which is set for a June 28th release. While she promised to go off the charts with the clip, it has a lot in common with another pop star’s video.

The singer unveiled the video on Fox’s “American Idol, yesterday (May 19) and it features a post-apocalyptic scene set in a desert where a group of women face off against a group of nasty looking men.

Directed by Francis Lawrence, best known for helming the Robert Pattinson picture “Water for Elephants”, the video opens with Beyonce, or a body double, dressed in white and riding a black horse.

The scene cuts to an unknown figure pounding on the roof of a car.

For inspiration, Beyonce reported worked with the band of Nigerian afrobeat legend Fela Kuti.

In fact, husband Jay-Z co-produced a hit Broadway musical that was based on Kuti’s music and revolutionary aspirations.

But outside influences don’t stop there.

“I also found a lot of inspiration in ’90s R&B: Earth, Wind & Fire, DeBarge, Lionel Richie,Teena Marie,” she said in a Billboard interview.

“I listened to a lot of Jackson 5 and New Edition, but also Adele, Florence + the Machine and Prince.

“Add in my hip-hop influences, and you can hear how broad it is. I also gave myself more freedom to really belt out some songs, and bring soul singing back,” she said.

The video, however, is similarly themed to Britney Spears‘ recent release, “Til the World Ends,” which also is set in a post-apocalyptic world.

But the similarities pretty much end there. Check out the video below.

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