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Jon Cryer Gives His Take on Charlie Sheen Meltdown (watch!)

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Jon Cryer Gives His Take on Charlie Sheen Meltdown (watch!) 1Jon Cryer demonstrated the understated humor that’s made him a star on David Letterman last night (June 8), when he deftly handled questions about the implosion of his colleague Charlie Sheen from hit show “Two and a Half Men.”

“It’s been mostly fun,” he said without cracking a smile. Maybe for him.

But Sheen has gone through a rocky ride since he had a cocaine and alcohol fueled meltdown at the Plaza Hotel with a naked hooker locked in the bathroom in fear for her life.

Since then, Sheen has gone on a wild crusade against his bosses at the hit show, who fired him, after he slurred the show’s co-creator Chuck Lorre. His subsequent one man Torpedo of Truth tour has had mixed reviews.

Cryer said even he was surprised by the meltdown.

“It’s as much a mystery to me as to everyone, I think,” he said.

“My favorite moment was I got a text from someone, saying, ‘Charlie Sheen just called Thomas Jefferson a p*ssy.’ I said, ‘I think things are getting out of hand.’

As for Cryer, he said he’s taken the whole episode in stride, even though the show for a time appeared like it might be canceled.

“I love him, he’s a great friend,” Cryer said.

“All of us, none of us wanted to continue with the show if we felt like it was hurting him, and there was a point at which, we felt like, there’s no control over him.”

Producers, however, have hired Ashton Kutcher to take over Sheen’s role and the show will go on.

“We had a very quick meeting to see if we could deal with each other, and we could,” Cryor said of his new work mate.

“They threw everything together very quickly, and they had to fly us to New York so they could parade us before in front of advertisers. And they put us in the CBS corporate jet, which was very snazzy.”

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