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Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgård Fire Up on True Blood (video)

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Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgård Fire Up on True Blood (video) 1

Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgård got a “Trueblood” high on the hit HBO show last night and made love that was so hot it turned the Louisiana bayou into a winter wonderland. Not that they felt it.

Vampire blood makes humans high and Paquin’s character Sookie was soaring after she sucked blood from Eric Northman’s (Skarsgard) hand in the aptly named episode “Spellbound.”

“We will be one,” says Eric after he digs his fangs into his own hand and holds it up to Sookie’s mouth. She sucks it in deeply.

They naturally ended up nude in a bit of a bloody embrace in the throes of an apparent hallucination.

Alan Ball, who wrote the episode, promised that the sex scene would top the fourth novel in The Southern Vampire Mysteries series, “Dead to the World,” on which the season is base.

At least he said it would be “weirder and dirtier.”

But the book is so graphic and detailed, the show didn’t really come close. Eric was far less animalistic than his previous liaisons.

The scene opened with Eric weighed by silver chains to fend of Antonia’s spell from the witches coven.

The chains leave horrible wounds and he can’t heal himself without blood, so Sookie offers hers. Eric takes a drink and then bites into his own palm.

Intoxicated, they hit the shower, and then wander outside, hand-in-hand, where the bed is waiting.

Snow falls while they wrestle around in bed.

Things go downhill from there after a midnight meeting between Antonia and Vampire king Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) to discuss a peace pact suddenly gets out of hand.

Sookie, through her fairy powers, discovers that Marnie/Antonia is casting a spell on Bill as they talk; Bill calls in human reinforcements and all hell breaks loose.

Antonia conjures a fog to allow her coven to escape.

In the confusion, Eric kills a member of Marnie’s coven ends up under Antonia’s control, while Sookie takes a slug in the stomach.

Alcide picks up a bleeding Sookie and takes her away from the fight, but Debbie, who hates Sookie sees it all in her wolf form. Can’t be good.

The plot lines are left hanging.

In subplots, Jessica meets the sun, but Jason saves her. She breaks up with Hoyt and dreams she murders him after he refuses to let her go.

But when Hoyt finds about Jessica and Jason, he throws her out. Jason does the same because he refuses to betray Hoyt, his boyhood friend.

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