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Ashton Kutcher Tugs Allah's Beard Over Letterman Fatwah (watch)

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Ashton Kutcher Tugs Allah's Beard Over Letterman Fatwah (watch) 1

Photo: INFDaily

Ashton Kutcher showed up on David Letterman last night wearing riot gear, giving a gentle tug to Mohammad’s beard for the Fatwah that’s been declared on Dave.

Kutcher, who made a living pranking Hollywood celebrities on MTV’s Punk’d, didn’t seem to mind placing himself in the line of fire of crazed Muslim radicals.

Letterman was recently threatened on a radical Muslim Web site for allegedly insulting Al Qaeda on a previous show.

Dave was clearly joking about the radical group, but apparently the Web site writer, Umar al-Basrawi, didn’t see the humor in it.

Kutcher walked on stage wearing a helmet and bullet-proof vest with a sign across the front: “Not Dave.”

The 33-year-old actor, made headlines recently when he replaced Charlie Sheen on the hit show “Two and a Half Men.”

David tried to provoke Ashton to comment on show co-creator Chuck Lorre, who had the infamous feud with Sheen.

Letterman even provoked Ashton by called Chuck a commie pinko and saying he was for labor.

But Ashton stuck to the script and talked about performing in front of a live audience again.

“From being on That 70’s Show, it was, like, I got used to that, like, walking out in front of the audience,” he told Dave.

“After a while, you sort of forget that – you know, where that muscle is- and you get out there and the audience goes crazy,” he said.

Kucher expressed confidence the show would continue to draw high ratings. “I think it’s going to go through the roof, I really do. I’ve been laughing really hard.”

“Two and a Half Men” premieres on Sept 19 on CBS. Check out the video below. For more photos of Ashton, check out INFDAily.

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