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Kirsten Dunst Stunning Topless in Melancholia

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Kirsten Dunst Stunning Topless in Melancholia 1

Kirsten Dunst gives a stunning performance in ‘Melancholia.’ (Photo: Studio)

Kirsten Dunst’s performance in Lars von Trier’s end-of-the-world flick, “Melancholia,” earned her best actress honors at the Cannes Film Festival, and stunning photos from her movie nude scene have gone viral.

The film debuted at Cannes this year and wowed audiences at the Toronto International Film Fest, but its release date for some reason seems to remain problematic.

A new poster was also released featuring Dunst, staring into space, with the simple words: “Enjoy it While it Lasts.”

Kirsten Dunst Stunning Topless in Melancholia 2

von Trier’s way off-key “joke” about being a Nazi and understanding and sympathizing with Hitler caused an uproar at Cannes and may have weighed on plans to distribute the film.

He was kicked out of the festival, despite profusely apologizing for his comments, which included calling Israel a “pain in the ass.”

At last report, Melancholia was expected to open domestically Nov. 4. Earlier reports said the film would hit US theaters for a limited run on Nov. 11.

The film stars Dunst and Alexander Skarsgard, of HBO’s “True Blood,” as a couple who get married just as the earth is facing destruction from a catastrophic meteor, code named Melancholia.

Critcs noted the breath-taking cinematography and the film’s uncommonly meditative tone.

Dunst reportedly gives the performance of her career, and could land on Oscar’s short list for a repeat of her Cannes honors.

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