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Robert Pattinson Chain Smoked on Breaking Dawn Set

Robert Pattinson has often been criticized for smoking.

Robert Pattinson has often been criticized for smoking.

Robert Pattinson’s nasty smoking habit is well known. Sometimes on the set, he even chain smokes. Guri Weinberg, the actor who plays Stefan in “Breaking Dawn, Part 1” tells a hilarious story about the “Twilight” vampire.

Shooting any movie always involves a lot of down time. Rob’s girlfriend Kristen Stewart is also a heavy smoker. But Guri, a smoker as well, is in the throes of trying to quit.

It’s an off-again, on-again thing, however, and has been very difficult for him.

“I have fallen off the non-smoking wagon so many times in my life that it may ALWAYS seem like a process. For anyone contemplating smoking – just slap yourself for me.

Robert Pattinson Smoking (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

“And, you know, you miss it. More accurately, you miss the social aspects.”

Here’s his story about sharing cigarette breaks with Rob.

“On Breaking Dawn, I would generally find Rob Pattinson already smoking when I’d go outside to sneak a few puffs in.

“We would generally start chatting about whatever, he’d get fired up about whatever we were discussing and he would then generally finish his cigarette and ask for one of mine.

“He’d light another one and we’d keep talking. Then I’d light another one. We would chain smoke if there was a long enough break on set.

“I hate to say that’s how we got to know each other but that’s how we got to know each other.

“As shooting went on, I was smoking a LOT. Getting sick, looking tired, yada, yada, yada. So, I started my daily rant that my wife is ALL too familiar with through many attempts to quit – ‘I gotta stop smoking.”

“Rob looks at me and says, ‘You know, I heard that if you quit before you’re 30 you’re in the clear, health-wise.’


Guri Weinberg, who plays Stefan in Breaking Dawn, blogs about cigarette breaks with Rob Pattinson.

“Since I am passed 30, that doesn’t seem too good. ‘Hey, Rob. I’m over 30.’

He just looks at me totally non-plussed. ]I know,’ [he says.]

Silence. I’m waiting for the “but”…it’s not coming.

“‘Well, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine. Do me a favor, Go f*** yourself.’

“He’s laughing hard now. He keeps trying to talk but he’s laughing too hard. Feigning intense indignation, I get up to go to my room.

“‘Listen, man. I gotta go. Costco has a sale on caskets right now and obviously it’s a matter of minutes AT MY AGE.’

“Now, he’s having trouble breathing, he’s laughing so hard. But, I’m still thinking…man…I have been smoking for way too long,” he says.

Ever since I blogged the GFYS story [about Rob], my website blew up with all the traffic to the “GFYS” blog with over a million hits.

Fans have really taken the ball and ran with it. I see fans on Twitter telling one another to “GFYS”, telling other cast members to “GFYS” and, naturally, I get several “GFYS” on a daily basis.

Rob’s popularity works in mysterious ways. Now if he could only quit smoking.

Check out Guri Weinberg’s personal Web site for more.

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