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Adriana Cernanova, Wonderbra's Sexy New Rep (video, photos)

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Adriana Cernanova, Wonderbra's Sexy New Rep (video, photos) 1Adriana Cernanova, has been picked to rep for Wonderbra, in a stunning coup for the relatively unknown Slovakian model. The campaign could put her on the fast-track to supermodel status.

The wonder of it all is why she was chosen with only a 34-inch chest and likely “B” cup. Then, again, that’s what the Wonder Bra is all about–working with the assets that you have.

Cernanova, 20, is following in the footsteps of Eva Herzigova who became the face of Wonderbra in 1994.

Burlesque maven Dita Von Teese, who is slightly more endowed up top, and model Adriana Karembeu also repped for the brand.

Check out Adriana’s photos; click to enlarge.

Adriana Cernanova, Wonderbra's Sexy New Rep (video, photos) 2Adriana Cernanova, Wonderbra's Sexy New Rep (video, photos) 3Adriana Cernanova, Wonderbra's Sexy New Rep (video, photos) 4

And, they all got big career boosts.

“Eva is Czech and Adriana is Slovakian so they are very close to me,” said the transplanted New Yorker by way of Bratislava. “It’s amazing to be an icon.”

Adriana reportedly was picked out of a casting call that involved dozens of models. He bright blue eyes, blonde hair and 5’11” height apparently swayed the company.

“She is fun, naturally sexy and smart — and exudes a confidence that really sets her apart,” said a spokesman.

“We were looking for a fresh new face that would embody the true spirit of Wonderbra as well as someone who could grow and develop with the brand,” added Wonderbra Marketing Manager Martina Alexander.

She was discovered at 14, and most of her work has been overseas in Europe. She’s appeared in French and German Elle and the UK edition of Marie Claire.

The new Wonderbra ad campaign launched online today. Check out the video below and Adriana’s photos.

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