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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart in Key Breaking Dawn Scene (watch!)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have a startling revelation as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in “Breaking Dawn, Part 1.” Edward may be dead but his sperm is still ticking, according to a new video clip.

The clip from the movie shows the moment Bella discovers that she is late on her period and the sickly feeling she has in her stomach is more than the kickback from spicy pizza.

She’s pregnant with a half-human, half vampire child that’s tearing up her insides.

The video starts out weirdly enough with Bella sitting on the toilet.

Check out the Breaking Dawn photos; click to enlarge.

She’s wearing short shorts and a sexy, tight white long-sleeve top.

She doesn’t look so good. Edward looks in her eyes and asks tellingly “What is it?”

“How many days has it been since the wedding,” she asks with a quizzical look on her face.

“Fourteen, why?” Edward replies. “Will you tell me what’s going on?”

Then, Bella utters those dreaded words of young lovers everywhere. “I’m late,” she says.

The scene is a fateful moment in the film because Bella’s pregnancy sets in motion a chain of events that leads to a fearful confrontation with the Volturi.

The ruling vampire clan has had just about all it can take from this upstart human being.

But Bella won’t remain human for long. The baby gnaws at her from inside threatening her life and forcing Edward to make her a vampire.

“My period is late,” Bella says before looking at herself in the mirror.

While there’s no baby bump just yet, the fetus is already kicking it up inside her.

The movie opens Nov. 12. Check out the trailer below.

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