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Milla Jovovich Sci-Fi Sexy in Compari Calendar (photos!)

Milla Jovovich personifies the Apocalypse in ways the Four Horsemen might not understand. For one, there are 12 of her representing each month in a new end-of-world themed calendar by Compari. She’s out of this world, literally.

Jovovich, 35, probably felt right at home during photographer Dimitri Daniloff’s highly stylised shoot. After all, she’s been battling demons through a series of campy “Resident Evil” movies.

She follows Benicio del Toro, Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes who were featured in previous years.

Check out Milla’s photos; click to enlarge.

The stunning actress turns natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, fire storms and even a chilly ice age into sexy siren-like caricatures with a science-fiction twist.

The calendar is titled “It’s the End of the World, Baby,” which apparently means, if the world is going to end, it’s probably best to go out with a Campari cocktail in your hand.

A bottle of the bitter liquor or a drink is featured in every photo. Apparently Jovovich, who is drawn to the offbeat, got a kick out of the shoot.

“As a model and an actress, this was an exciting new challenge for me, combining the skills to bring to life each of the hypothetical events in a theatrical, yet sophisticated way.” she said in a statement.

“What attracted me most to the project was the powerful inspiration behind it, as well as the positive approach of celebrating life with a special toast, with friends and family,” she added.

Um… the family angle might be a little hard to see, but Jovovich’s drop-dead (no pun intended) face and alluring eyes make up for it.

“Each year we create something new and unique for Campari lovers, but this year I think we’ve pushed the creativity further than ever before,” said Gruppo Campari Chief Executive Bob Kunze-Concewitz.

Only 9,999 copies of the calendar are printed each year, and most go to friends and clients of the company.

Check out her luscious photos.

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