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Miranda Kerr's Breasts Are Fantasy Bra Fantastic (photos)

Miranda Kerr will be stepping into the shoes of supermodel Heidi Klum, or make that Klum’s bra. Kerr will wear Victoria’s Secret’s Fantasy Treasure bra this year. And, she’s definitely up to it.

Ever since Kerr gave birth to son Flynn in January, her breasts have filled out spectacularly.

While she was back in bikini body shape in record time, Kerr has managed to preserve her ample breast, maybe because she is a big advocate of breast feeding.

In any event, she’s more than prepared to show off the jewel-encrusted bra, said to be worth $2.5 million, at next month’s annual show in New York City.

Check out Miranda’s photos; click to enlarge.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do,” she told

“I do yoga. That’s something I consistently do, as well as Pilates. So I’ve been doing that for the past six months,” she said about her workout routine.

“But I’ve been doing more squats because you gotta get that booty up – you really can’t hide anything when you’re up there on that runway – you’ve got cameras coming at you from every angle.”

The Fantasy Treasure Bra was created by London Jewelers in Long Island, and consists of nearly 3,400 gems. Among them are 142 carats of yellow and white diamonds.

The aquamarine-colored push-up bra also includes pearls and citrine stones set in gold.

The bra is anchored, so-to-speak by two eight-carat white diamonds and a pair of yellow diamonds that weigh more than 13 carats.

Miranda was back in bikini-body shape three and a half months after giving birth.

She did her first post baby shoot in April for Victoria’s Secret in Malibu.

When Amanda last posed in Paris in November for photographer Patrick Demarchelier, she was decidedly pregnant.

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