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Scarlett Johansson More Racy Photos! (see them)

1Scarlett Johansson bares almost all in a new photo hitting the Internet. This one, however, was taken for Vanity Fair magazine, not in a bathroom with a camera phone. She promotes the former while defending the latter.

Only weeks ago in September, private nude photos of the “Iron Man 2” actress leaked onto the Internet.

Johansson was understandably upset and complained to the FBI, which promptly arrested a Jacksonville, Fla. man who may be responsible for hacking into email and phone accounts of up to 50 celebrities.

Check out Scarlett’s photos; click to enlarge.


Scarlett Johansson takes a defiant tone over private nude photos she took of herself solely for her then husband Ryan Reynolds. “It’s not like I was shooting a porno – although there’s nothing wrong with that either,” she said.

But Johansson isn’t about to lie low over the incident. She takes a rather defiant tone in a magazine interview to explain why she took the photos.

The photos, she said, were several years old. She admitted taking them and sending them to her husband at the time, actor Ryan Reynolds.

Scarlett, 26, and Ryan, 35, married in 2008 and filed for divorce in 2010.

In one image, she was topless in bed. In another, her bare bottom and back were caught in a reflection in a bathroom mirror.

“I know my best angles,” she said when asked about the photos.

“Those are old, from three years ago,” she told the magazine. “They were sent to my husband. There’s nothing wrong with that.

“It’s not like I was shooting a porno – although there’s nothing wrong with that either,” she said.

The Vanity Fair photo show’s her looking out a window with her strapless dress unzipped in the back and barely covering her breast.

She also posed for some seriously sexy photos in Vogue China in April

Alleged hacker Christopher Chaney has pleaded not guilty to 26 counts, including unauthorized access to a computer and wiretapping. He could face up to 121 years in prison.

Chaney has apologized for his actions, claiming he suffered from an addiction to celebrities.

Numerous celebrities have been victims of nude photo hoaxes. Miley Cyrus was the victim of just such a scam as well as Harry Potter star Emma Watson.

In both cases, the photos proved to be demonstratively false.

In other cases, however, nude private photos of celebrities posted on the Internet turned out to be authentic.

Actress Johansson was the latest to see her self-taken nude photos pop up on the Internet, along with Blake Lively and numerous other stars.

Check her out.

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