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Robert De Niro Shines in 'Being Flynn' Trailer (watch)

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Robert De Niro Shines in 'Being Flynn' Trailer (watch) 1Robert De Niro may be on his way to another Oscar nomination by way of a taxi cab judging from the first look at his performance in a new trailer for the Focus Features film “Being Flynn,” with Paul Dano.

De Niro has been idling in park for too long now with films like “The Fockers” series, funny as they are, and hasn’t been up for an Oscar since he was nominated for Best Actor for his role in 1991’s “Cape Fear.”

Now he finally gets to sink his teeth into a part that could bring out some of the best work of his career, on par with his previous Oscar wins for 1974’s “The Godfather Part II” and 1980s “Raging Bull.”

The movie is based on writer Nick Flynn’s memoir, titled “Another Bullshit Night in Suck City.”

Paul Weitz directs the film.

De Niro stars as Nick’s father, a once talented writer who walks out on his wife and young son, played by Dano.

One night, while Nick is volunteering in a homeless shelter, he comes face-to-face with his dad, whom he hasn’t seen in years.

Slowly Nick comes to realize he has been given the chance to make a real future not only for himself, but for his struggling father, too, according to the official synopsis.

Needless to say father and son have a lot of issues to work out after their surprise meeting, and they go through a period of painful self-examination about their non-existent relationship.

Julianne Moore plays the writer’s mother Jody, and Olivia Thirlby plays Denise, a shelter worker.

“Being Flynn” is expected to hit theaters in the Spring 2012.

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