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Justin Bieber, Mariah Yeater Baby DNA Games Begin

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Justin Bieber, Mariah Yeater Baby DNA Games Begin 1Justin Bieber and his alleged baby mama Mariah Yeater have begun playing games with a paternity test that could complicate efforts to determine whether Yeater’s young son was fathered by the teen pop sensation.

Bieber scored a public relations coup earlier in the week when his camp announced that he had taken a voluntary paternity test to put the matter behind him once and for all.

But Jeffrey Leving, a noted Chicago paternity lawyer who represents the San Diego woman, raised concerns about the test today (Nov. 23).

The DNA test Justin took was not done in the presence of a member of Yeater’s legal team, he said.

As a result, they have no idea whether the test was administered using proper controls or whether the DNA is even Bieber’s at all.

Leving added that he has a big problem with that, and rightly so.

TheImproper reported Nov. 10 that the DNA test would probably result in a legal showdown, even though Yeater dropped her paternity suit.

One of the biggest concerns is the accuracy of sample, and Bieber’s camp already seems to be playing games on that score.

It would be absolutely critical for both sides to have confidence in the test.

If the test were ordered by a court, mutually agreeable procedures would be established and both parties would be present for the testing.

Then, an independent lab agreeable to both would conduct the test.

Tabloid Web sites like TMZ suggested Yeater is trying to avoid giving the baby’s DNA, now that Bieber has put his cards on the table.

But Leving told the web site she can’t wait to compare baby Tristyn’s DNA with Justin’s.

Bieber reportedly took the DNA test on Friday under “very controlled circumstances,” but without the other side present, the test is untrustworthy.

The trick would be to get Yeater’s side to accept the sample or convince a court that the sample is valid should it come to that.

Bieber’s lawyers could also adopt a take it or leave it stance, and refuse to allow their client to submit to another test with both sides present under agreed upon conditions.

Bieber, who appeared on Letterman last night, described the process and again asserted his innocence.

“I mean I could smell a weasel a little bit. People make up false accusations,” he told the host.

“I am 17, but it is going to happen….Being in the spotlight. I took it. They just swab your mouth,” he said.

Bieber hasn’t stepped out of the spotlight since early in the controversy.

He’s very publicly gone about his business and was spotted with girlfriend Selena Gomez heading for brunch at a Los Angeles IHOP yesterday.

Yeater has been kept under wraps by her lawyer ever since it was revealed she tried to conceal evidence that she had accused yet another boy of fathering her child.

None of that matters of course, in the face of a legitimate DNA test. But whether that will happen is still problematic.

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