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Lamar Odom to Dallas; Will Khloe Kardashian Really Go?

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Lamar Odom to Dallas; Will Khloe Kardashian Really Go? 1Khloe Kardashian husband Lamar Odom has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks, putting to the test Khloe’s boast that she will follow him anywhere. Does that include the Lone Star state?

Khloe has just started in vitro fertilization treatments in Los Angeles, in a desperate bid to get pregnant. Lamar’s trade now complicates that effort.

During last night’s episode of “Kourtney & Kim Take New York,” Kris Humphries, 26, told his then-wife Kim Kardashian, 31, that she should pay heed to her younger sister, who left Miami to be with Odom 32, in Los Angeles.

Khloe later Tweeted that she would go wherever her husband is traded. But at the time, it looked like a trade was a dim possibility.

Although a deal was put together to send Lamar to the New Orleans Hornets, it was blocked by the National Basketball Association, which owns the team.

That made Khloe’s promise largely hypothetical.

One of the things Kim complained about was her husband’s desire to live in his home state of Minnesota. She flatly refused to go, putting her career first, although she toyed with the idea of them living separately.

Khloe basically shamed he sister. But now that Lamar is going to Dallas for real, it remains to be seen if Khloe will keep her word and leave the glitz of Los Angeles.

As reports surfaced that a trade to Dallas would go through, Khloe was philosophical.

“We are sad but positive energy gets you farther then negative,”Khloe tweeted.

“I know for a fact blessings are everywhere!!! Everything happens for a reason. God is great.”

Odom, who has spent eight years with the Lakers, has been hit by rumors that the Kardashian’s reality show, in which he participates, contributed to the decision to trade him.

“Maybe I rubbed people the wrong way with doing the show,” he said on a sports radio call in show.

“When things come up you start to wonder and second guess, I don’t know,” he said.

Khloe also felt the sting of the rumors.

“I am curious as to how I am the cause for any trade? LOL Some people just say anything behind their computer screens,” she Tweeted.

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