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Holliday Grainger Lifts Lid on Bel Ami's Robert Pattinson (watch!)

1Holliday Grainger has had the chance to work with Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson both before and after the vampire film series swept him to international stardom. And she discovered he’s still the same chap, ever modest and self-effacing.

Grainger, a UK actress, talk with Access Hollywood about working with Rob in one of his early films, 2007’s The Bad Mother’s Handbook.” She also starred as one of Rob’s lovers in his upcoming film “Bel Ami.”

The share one thing in common in the movie, based on the novel of the same name Guy de Maupassant–they are both villians!

Check out Rob’s photos; click to enlarge!


“She’s an evil little witch that knows what she wants and is out to get the guy that she wants,” Grainger says of her “Bel Ami” character. “She’s willing to upset her mom and upset anyone, just to get the guy that she wants.”

That “guy” is Pattinson’s character George Duroy, the scandalous protagonist in the film. He overflows with lust, desire and ambition. Arriving in Paris as a “penniless” ex-soldier, Duroy is determined to find his place in French society by seducing the wives of powerful men.

Grainger’s scenes in the film were mainly with Rob because her character marries him in the end. Move over Kristen Stewart. Her character Bella Swan marries Robs’ Edward Cullen in Twilight Breaking Dawn!

“I don’t think he’s any different,” she says. “I worked with him pre-Twilight as well. And, him as a person, to work with him, I couldn’t see the difference, which I think is kind of a credit to his managing to stay down to earth.

She said Rob was surrounded by “massive chaos” because of hundreds of fans trying to get a glimpse of him while they were shooting mainly in Budapest. “Hundreds of fans were outside, all the time,” she says. “It was pretty constant.

“Budapest was RPaz mad. Even at five in the morning we couldn’t move without cordons and trying to stop the fans getting on set,” she recounts.

While confessing to only have seen the first “Twilight” movie, she nonetheless gushed: “I mean who wouldn’t fall in love with Edward Cullen from that movie. His skin shines. He’s got glittery skin!

Grainger has been getting questions about Rob almost everywhere he goes. She and Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe recently announced this year’s nominations for the UK’s Baftas, the equivalent of the Oscars.

She was asked about her kissing scene with Rob in Bel Ami. “I wasn’t massively scared having to go in there and snog him,” she said. “He’s a lovely guy. Always has been.”

Check out Holliday’s interview below, and Bel Ami photos above.

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