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Lindsay Lohan Badly Wants Elizabeth Taylor Movie Role (photos)


How bad does Lindsay Lohan want Elizabeth Taylor part? This bad...

Lindsay Lohan does her best to capture the furious sexuality of Elizabeth Taylor in a new photo shoot with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson. Lohan desperately wants to play the film icon in a new movie.

The hot mess actress has been determined to right her capsized career following several run-ins with the law over drunk driving violations and klepping a necklace from a jewelry store.

She’s getting glow probation reports from her probation officer. She’s been performing community service at the LA county morgue to fulfill her sentencing on DUI, theft and probation infractions.

Check out Lindsay’s photos; click to enlarge.


Lohan’s next court date is Feb. 22. By then, her community service at the morgue and five mandatory therapy sessions will have been completed. If all goes well her legal troubles will be behind her on March 29. From there, she hopes to get down to work.

Her first stop was a nude pictorial in Playboy magazine, purportedly designed to jump start her career. She channeled Marilyn Monroe’s first photo shoot for the magazine. But she has her sights set now on the Elizabeth Taylor movie.

Lindsay is reportedly getting more scripts than she’s received in years, according to gossip site TMZ. Producers seem more willing to bank on her new-found maturity. Plus, that first movie will be a hot ticket.

Lindsay has acted other than bit parts for years. Who wouldn’t want to see her on the big-screen, even if many are voyeuristically hoping for a train wreck.

Lindsay is up for the Lifetime movie role against Megan Fox, so the part isn’t a shoo in. But Lindsay seems more right for the role. Which explains her Richardson photo shoot at the notorious Chateau Marmont hotel.

In case there’s any doubt, Lindsay even poses with a copy of the book “Furious Love,” about Taylor’s romance with Richard Burton, which is the subject of the movie. Check them out!

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