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Rihanna Tosses, Turns in Bed for Armani Undies (video!)

Rihanna is giving Armani it’s money’s worth. In another new ad, she writhes and squirms in bed wearing the brand’s underwear.

The deal to rep for the Italian brand is her biggest foray into fashion. She became the new body for Emporio Armani’s underwear last July.

She follows the racy Megan Fox, who was paired with soccer hottie Cristiano Ronaldo in 2010. Armani previously had focused on physical fitness. Before Fox and Ronaldo, David Beckham and his wife Victoria were the brand’s bodies.

Check out Rihanna’s photos; click to enlarge.

Rihanna redefines sexuality in her newest campaign photos for Emporio Armani Jeans, and she even keeps most of her clothes on! No wonder her ads were voted the sexiest for 2011.

Not that Rihanna isn’t extremely physical. Plus, she has a bootie that Kim Kardashian would die for. Last year’s ad was so hot, it was proclaimed the sexiest of the year.

The label’s latest story line has the singer waking up for an early-morning flight after a night of sexual adventure. She in her Armani bra and panties, like she would even bother to wear underwear in bed in real life.

She went for a stroll on the streets of New York this week in a mesh top that exposed her full breasts to the delight of paparazzi.

In the ad, she jumps into some Armani Jeans and leather jacket, of course, and makes her 6 a.m. flight with aplomb.

Check out her video below:

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