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Justin Bieber Inks New Tattoo; Leg Now Religious Shrine

Justin Bieber is devoting more skin to Jesus. Now word yet on how Jews for Justin is taking this, but the teen sensation was spotted with another sign of the Lord on his leg over the weekend.

The tat is a well-known Christian symbol, a pair of hands clasp together in prayer. It compliments a tattoo portrait of Jesus on his left calf.

Justin is a self-proclaimed, born-again Christian. He got his first religious tattoo in December. Justin was fishing in Florida with his girlfriend Selena Gomez when paparazzi got a glimpse of the new inking.

Check out some praying hands tats; click to enlarge.

The praying hands symbol is said to represent faith in the power of prayer and faith in God. The image has its origins in the 1500s. It’s based on a painting by Renaissance artist Rubens. It’s also a widely popular tattoo.

Justin’s father Jeremy also sports a number of tattoos and he took Justin to get matching religious tattoos of Jesus’s name in Hebrew on their ribs.

If Justin is loading up his legs with religious tattoos, it kind of begs the question; what’s he reserving his upper body and arms for? Dragons? Naked Ladies? SATAN? (Just Kidding!!!)

Justin reportedly had an un-Jesus-like moment while out on a dinner-date with Selena, her cast-mate Ashley Benson and Ashley’s boyfriend Ryan Good. They’re in Florida shooting the movie “Spring Breakers.”

When paparazzi got wind of the restaurant where they were eating, Justin reportedly stormed out with Selena and their pals in tow. The group rode around for a while, and returned to the restaurant later.

Justin has had a few brushes with the paparazzi. In one infamous incident in London gave them the figure when he discovered they were waiting outside a restaurant.

What would Jesus say?

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