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Kim Kardashian Family Blows Up Over Kendall, Kylie

Kim Kardashian Family Blows Up Over Kendall, Kylie  1 Listen to this article

Kim Kardashian Family Blows Up Over Kendall, Kylie  2Bruce Jenner, the putative head of the Kardashian clan, has finally put his foot down on wife Kris Jenner’s plans to push their youngest, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner into a creepy photo shoot.

Kendall, 16, and Kylie, 14, have become more involved in fashion shoots even though they are barely of the recommended age to be professional models.

Kylie even violated industry standards last year when she walked in a runway show at New York Fashion Week for Avril Lavigne’s brand. That hasn’t stopped momager Kris from lining up an increasing amount of work for the girls. Kendall has already modeled scanty bikini swimsuit lines.

But Bruce, 62, reportedly had enough after a “blazing fight” with Kris. Bruce claimed the younger daughters were becoming “Kardashian robots,” according to the National Enquirer.

It’s about time that Bruce manned up, especially when it comes to under-age Kylie and Kendall. He’s reportedly “had it with Kris’ manipulative ways and packed his bags and left after the fight,” an insider told the tabloid.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Kris’s plans for Kendall and Kylie to portray the super-creepy twins from the Jack Nicholson film “The Shining,” in a photo shoot for cable show “America’s Next Top Model.”

In the psychotic thriller, the twins were murdered children who haunted an old hotel where Nicholson was staying for the winter.

“Kris was crying hysterically when she finally got Bruce on his cell phone,” the insider said. “She sobbed that she was sorry for everything and that if he came back, they could get the marriage back on track.

“But Bruce is fed up with his wife’s cold, bloodless ambition for the children. He was so angry he wouldn’t even tell her where he was. He just said that she needed help big-time.

“They talked about marriage therapy as a last-ditch effort to avoid divorce. She desperately wanted him back.

“Bruce returned two days later, but the strife is far from over. They’re barely speaking to each other. Bruce told her that ambition is in her blood like a disease.”

Kris pushed her three daughters with Robert Kardashian, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe into reality television after Kim made a sex tape with her then-boyfriend, rapper Ray-J. Kim’s marriage to baskeballer Kris Humphries infamously self-destructed 72 days after their marriage.

Of course, The National Enquirer reported that the two were close to divorce last November, and they are still together, so don’t write off this couple yet.

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