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New Breaking Dawn Teaser Hints of Bella's Vampire Life (watch)

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New Breaking Dawn Teaser Hints of Bella's Vampire Life (watch) 1Kristen Stewart’s Twilight character Bella Swan no longer has to endure clammy hookups with Robert Pattinson, who plays vampire Edward Cullen. They are the same temperature now, Edward notes in a short teaser for “Breaking Dawn, Part 2.”

Lionsgate, which now owns Twilight studio Summit Entertainment, released the clip today. It offers a brief but tantalizing look at Bella as a newbie vampire.

The clip opens with a familiar forest scene and then cuts to Bella zipping through the trees at vampire speed. The next scene shows Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, apparently meeting Bella the for the first time since she became a vampire.

“I didn’t expect you to seem…so you?” the shape shifter says, eyeing up an off-screen Bella.

But in a humorous twist, Rob and Bella’s hands touch. Bella is wearing her huge diamond wedding ring and Edward remarks: “We’re they same temperature now.”

The clip, however, never shows Bella in her vampire guise. That’s why they call it a teaser. In Breaking Dawn, Part 2, Bella is a full-on vampire and member of the Cullen clan.

They must face off against the Volturi, which have learned of Bella’s transformation. The last in the “Twilight” series is due out in November. Until then, get ready for more teasers and trailers from the movies to keep fans’ interest piqued.

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