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Lindsay Lohan Sultry in White Like Devilish Angel (photos)

Lindsay Lohan could see the end of her formal probation in two more days, after a four-year Odyssey that began with 2007 arrest for drunk driving. Lohan complicated her legal situation through a string of bad behavior.

The actress burned through probation violations, late court appearances, a couple of stints in rehab, a fight with a rehab staffer, misdemeanor theft charges and numerous run-ins with paparazzi before she finally got her act together.

To celebrate her looming freedom, check out these hot photo outtakes from her 2010 Terry Anderson photo shoot with Purple magazine.

Check out Lindsay’s photos; click to enlarge.

Lindsay looks totally seductive in white, just like the good-bad girl that she is.

After Thursday (Mar. 30) the 25-year-old actress, will only have informal probation from her theft case hanging over her head. All she has to do is keep her nose clean for the next two and a half years. No more court hearings, or reporting to probation will be required.

Lindsay has already been cleared by the court for her latest, and hopefully last brush, with misfortune, an alleged hit-and-run accident in her Porsche outside a club.

Thaer Kamal, the manager of the Hookah Lounge claims Lindsay struck him and his car and fled the scene. But her probation officer discounted the claim, since no charges have been filed, nor arrest made, according to TMZ.

The gossip site also reported that Kamal may be trying to shake down Lindsay for money, and other eyewitnesses counter his claims.

Judge Stephanie Sautner, who has overseen the case, is expected to terminate the probation if Lindsay is in compliance. The actress is expected to wrap up her community service at the LA County Morgue tomorrow (Mar. 28)

Check out her extremely hot photos.

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