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Norman Mailer’s Son Leads Village Voice Sex Ad Outcry

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Norman Mailer's Son Leads Village Voice Sex Ad Outcry 1

John Mailer, son of Vilage Voice founder Norman Mailer wants sex ads out of the New York weekly.

John Buffalo Mailer, son of storied writer Norman Mailer, who co-founded The Village Voice in 1955, was expected to be leading protesters today (Mar 29), demanding an end to Village Voice Media’s publication of adult sex ads.

Village Voice Media operates 13 alternative weekly newspapers around the country, and accounts for about 70 percent of prostitution advertising among five Web sites that carry such ads in the United States, acccording to The New York Times.

In October, religious group Groundswell ran a full-page advertisement in The Times urging the media company to shut down the adult section of its Web site Minors reportedly have been offered for sex through the site in at least 22 states, according to state attorneys general.

Norman Mailer on Soliciting Online Sex
Norman Mailer's Son Leads Village Voice Sex Ad Outcry 2

Let me get this straight. They meet up on the internet? In other words, ‘I’m blank-blank-blank, I like blank-blank-blank . . . ‘ I have no experience in that direction.

The nearest I ever came was about sixty years ago. I got into a correspondence with this woman. When you’re an author, people can send a letter to your publisher to get it to you. So we wrote and wrote and wrote. Finally, I said, “If you’re serious and you’re coming to New York, take a room at this hotel, and I’ll come there, and when you open the door I want you to be stark naked.” And it came to pass. That’s the nearest I ever came to online dating.

Source: Mailer Nerve interview 2007

Today, a group of religious leaders, other anti-prostitution activists and some New York City Council members were expected to present a petition to the Village Voice signed by more than 225,000 people, demanding that it remove its adult ads.

Groundswell, a social action arm of Auburn Seminary, sponsored the petition on, a Web site that promotes social change through petitions.

All 51 of the nation’s state attorneys general have endorsed the effort to close down the adult section of the Web site. It’s hard to say how the late author who died in 2007, would feel about the ads. The Village Voice has run sex ads for decades, including the time it was independently owned.

Mailer became known for his counter-cultural essays in the 1960s and is considered one of the founders of “New Journalism.” In his 1971 book, “The Prisoner of Sex,” his most expansive statement on sex and women’s liberation, he makes an impassioned argument for the traditional male view of coitus.

The transcendent divine “awash in the great ocean of fuck” must be preserved at alt costs, he wrote. One thing is certain, Mailer had no experience with soliciting sex online. Read excerpt above.

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