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Lindsay Lohan as Smokin' Hot Marilyn Monroe… Again (photos)

1Lindsay Lohan posed as Marilyn Monroe; now she’s stuck with it. She reprised the ’50s screen siren for the UK’s Love magazine. She also brings back 1940s’ glamour to cigarette smoking, and you know where that got us.

In the Monroe-inspired photo shoot, she does a tough-girl pose with a cig dangling from her heavily rouged, bee-stung lips. There’s an iconic Monroe photo almost just like it.

Lohan, 25, seems to know how to handle a Marlboro light. She’s reportedly a chain smoker. Apparently, so was Monroe. She posed for numerous photos smoking. Of course, back then the connection with lung cancer wasn’t quite as well known as it is now.

Check out Lindsay’s photos; click to enlarge.


Also, check out photos of Marilyn Monroe smoking. Who’s hotter?

Today, more women die from lung cancer than breast cancer, according to medical authorities. By now, Lohan probably has the lungs of a 60-year-old woman. Her skin is also showing signs of heavy cigarette damage.

Lohan has gotten more mileage out of Marilyn Monroe than almost any other actress. Her recent Playboy shoot was a homage to an early Monroe feature in the magazine.

The “Mean Girls” actress has done very little film work over the last several years because of her alleged substance abuse and trouble with the law. She’s been jailed five times in the last five years for various legal problems.

She swears she’s serious now about getting her career back on track. Her last role was a small part in 2010’s chop-chop send-up “Machete.” The film flopped. But she’s being mentioned for a part in a television movie about late-actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Check out her photos.

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