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Robert Pattinson as Seen by Fans on Breaking Dawn Tour (27 Photos!)

1Robert Pattinson has always maintained a special relationship with his “Twilight” fans and nowhere was that more evident than on his recent promotional tour for Breaking Dawn, Part 2.

From a personal standpoint the crush of fan adoration can be daunting. Where ever he goes, he’s bound to be spotted and approached for autographs or photos. He’s always obliged and remained polite.

Rob knows fans have made the “Twilight” movies a worldwide phenomenon. For the second week in a row, the last of the Twilight movies is No. 1 at the box office.

Robert Pattinson Through a Fan’s Lens


It grossed $161.4 million over the holiday weekend to bring its global total to $577.7 million. Of that, $43 million came from the domestic market, setting a second week record for the franchise.

Over the years, he’s also laughed about his many fan encounters.

There was the time a fan asked what she could do to get his attention. “I was like ‘Um, just take your clothes off.’ She stood there and frantically started taking her clothes off and got dragged out of the room by security,” he related in one interview.

In a 2009 interview, he related how groups of teenage girls can be “quite frightening.”

“I did a thing where I got out of a car and the whole street ran forward,” he recounted. to EntertaimentWeekly. “I was just thinking this is what it must have felt like in a medieval battle.”

“I mean everyone is nice, though,” he added. At least they’re not just like, horrible I had a friend who was on a soap. She was a bad character on a soap and the entire country was saying like ‘Go you bi*ch’ when she’s walking down the street. This is like ‘I love you.'”

Just before the Breaking Dawn, Part 2 started, Rob talked about the dedication of fans to the “Twilight” franchise. “I find it amazing, the intensity of people liking it,” he told MTVNews.

“It’s crazy,” he added. “It’s an elemental thing that it connected to, which I still don’t understand. I hope people like [the final film].”

Fan turned out in droves from Breaking Dawn, Part 2 premieres in Los Angeles, London and Berlin. Scores of fans took photos of Pattinson as he drew near, and a lucky few were able to take their photos with him.

Check out the pictures taken by fans. They show a side of Rob without the filter of television or paparazzi cameras. And, click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more Robert Pattinson updates.

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