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Kristen Stewart Wrecks Marriage; Will Robert Pattinson Walk?

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sanders-pattinson-stewart-rossKristen Stewart has officially wrecked a marriage. After months of speculation and reconciliations, her ex-lover, Rupert Sanders, and his wife, Liberty Ross, have called it quits on their marriage. Will Robert Pattinson take a hint and walk?

Stewart’s affair with the married director, who is nearly twice her age and has two children, exploded in tabloid headlines last summer.

They were photographed together in a romantic embrace in public, and Sanders was caught nuzzling Stewart’s breasts. The affair likely had been going on for weeks.

Sanders directed Stewart in the film “Snow White and the Huntsman.” It was mostly shot in England and Wales where they bonded and the affair allegedly began. After they were exposed, Sanders begged his wife for forgiveness and Stewart did the same with Rob.

Pattinson reconciled with his girlfriend of four years after a month or so apart. They are still together, despite reports to the contrary by some of the trashier gossip websites.

Sanders and Ross also tried to patch up their nine-year marriage. They were even spotted going to counseling. But Ross, 34, filed for divorce from Sanders Jan. 25 in Los Angeles, according to gossip site TMZ.

The cheating scandal clearly pushed the marriage to the breaking point. Ross, through celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, is asking for spousal and child support for Sykla, 7, and Tennyson, 5, the website reports. She’s also seeking joint custody and legal fees.

When Sanders and Ross appeared on the way to healing their marriage, it had to take a lot of pressure and guilt off Stewart and no doubt helped her reconcile with Rob. But now that she has officially wrecked the marriage and left two children in a broken home, will Rob reconsider the relationship?

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