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Snowstorm Nemo Turns NYC Into Winter Wonderland (Photos)

Sledders enjoy the snow in Central Park post-Nemo.

Sledders enjoy the snow in Central Park post-Nemo.

New York’s Central Park was transformed into a magical winter wonderland after Nemo dumped 11.4 inches of snow on the green oasis.

As early as 7:30 a.m. ET Saturday morning (Feb. 9), New Yorkers came out in droves to sled, snowboard, walk, run and bike in the heavy snow.

Groups of cyclists armed with snow tires and wind-resistant kits made their way through Central Park’s six-mile loop, as did bands of runners, who are always out in the park no matter what the weather.

While Manhattan was largely spared from heavy snowfall, parts of Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island were buried under, as was Long Island, which got over two feet of snow.

Nemo Dresses New York City in White
(Photos: Samantha Chang)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said some 2,200 vehicles plowed the city streets overnight. “We’re in great shape,” he said. “We’re lucky. We’ve dodged a bullet.”

Bloomberg said snow will be cleared from all city streets by the end of the day, and promised to make the city’s snow equipment and personnel available to Long Island and Connecticut, if needed.

On Friday, four states including New York State, declared a state of emergency. The governor of Massachusetts banned travel on all roads as the storm picked up toward evening, according to The New York Times. In Connecticut, the governor closed state highways Friday night, an order which extended into Saturday.

On Long Island, the storm descended so quickly that hundreds of drivers who were trying to beat the nor’easter home on Friday night were forced to abandon their cars on the highways and streets as roads became impassable, The Times reported.

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