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Rihanna Back to Lonely Girl, Again, Posts Sexy Pics (Photos!)

Rihanna posted this photo on Twitter, apparently from Hawaii.

Rihanna posted this photo on Twitter, apparently from Hawaii.

Rihanna is back to playing lonely girl after her debut at London Fashion Week. She posted sexy bikini pictures online, obviously alone, while her so-called boyfriend Chris Brown partied at the NBA All-Star game with Karruche Tran.

Brown and Tran were spotted partying at different clubs, but appear to have ended up together for the night.

Tran tweeted a picture of an ornate ceiling in the master bedroom of the garish Houston mansion that Brown was renting for the game with the caption “Gnight.” Karreuche soon deleted the picture, probably after Brown saw it, but it was already going viral.

Rihanna, Chris Brown Spotted in Love Spat at Hollywood Club

HollywoodLife-style claims that Rihanna and Brown were “truly in love,” appear to be so much hype.

Rihanna Shows Off Smokin’ Body

The singer appears to be up to his old game of playing one woman off against the other. Despite Rihanna’s hope for a relationship, she’s still just a go-to-girl whenever Brown is around.

Rihanna and Brown made a big deal out of their reconciliation at The Grammys, earlier this month, but their relationship appeared to be on the rocks after they were spotted ignoring each other at an Los Angeles club.

Rihanna Hot, Sassy in Complex Magazine (13 photos!)

But the Barbadian singer has nothing to feel sorry about. Her London Fashion Week show was well received and she was even compared to Princess Diana because of the way she manipulates the media. With her toned and sexy body and smoldering looks it’s hard not to notice.

Rihanna is reportedly celebrating her 25th birthday in Hawaii with friend Melissa Ford. Her latest photos appear to have been taken there. One website claims Brown intends to propose to her for her birthday, which falls on Wednesday (Feb. 20).

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