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Lil’ Wayne Near Death After Suspected Drug Overdose

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Rapper Lil' Wayne is on life support after suffering severe seizures.

Rapper Lil’ Wayne is on life support after suffering severe seizures.

Rapper Lil’ Wayne, aka Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., a rapper who rose to fame from New Orleans with his rhyming and beats, is near death after he reportedly overdosed on what’s thought to be codeine. His family is reportedly at his bedside and he is on life support.

Wayne, 30, was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles Tuesday (Mar.12) after suffering a seizure.

As of this evening, his mother is flying to Los Angeles, and will make the critical decision whether to take the rapper off of life support, according to gossip site TMZ. He reportedly has received last rites.

Wayne was released from the hospital on Wednesday but was found on the floor unconscious by one of his bodyguards. His condition grew progressively worse and was admitted to an intensive care unit and put on life support.

According to reports, he had to be restrained because he was shaking violently. In some cases severe seizures can cause brain damage and death. He was placed in an induced coma to prevent further damage and is only being kept alive by a machine.

While it’s unknown at the moment what caused the seizures, Wayne was reportedly binging on cough syrrup laced with codeine, a strong narcotic. The concoction is called Sizzurp on the street. Justin Bieber was reportedly photographed drinking Sizzurp, but denied that was the substance.

Doctors found high amounts of codeine in his system, according to TMZ. Wanye’s stomach was pumped 3 times to flush the drugs from his system.

Update: Lil’ Wayne Stable After Suspected Overdose; Still in Intensive Care

Lil’ Wayne shot to stardom with the southern hip-hop group Hot Boys. Their 1999 album Guerrilla Warfare, was certified platinium, reflecting more than 1 million album sales.

Lil Wayne’s debut studio album, Tha Block Is Hot the same year also reached platinum certification. His biggest albums, Tha Carter, Tha Carter II, and Like Father, Like Son were released between 2003 and 2006 by Cash Money Records.

Wayne has four children.

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