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Lana Del Rey: Loved in Europe, Dissed at Home, WTF!? (photos!)

Lana Del Rey smolders in a new fashion shoot for L'Official Paris.

Lana Del Rey smolders in a new fashion shoot for L’Officiel Paris.

Lana Del Rey continues to mesmerize the Continent in yet another Paris magazine. She covers the latest issue of L’Officiel in a classic photo spread that mixes Old World Castilian style with her brooding, smoky sexuality. They can’t get enough of her. We could care less.

Del Rey, real name Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, got roughed up by critics when she emerged as a YouTube phenom with her hit “Video Games.”

Her seeming aloofness and disdain for the critics didn’t help in her home country. But in Europe, they were floored by her. She’s been featured in a slew of magazines and was hired by Jaguar to launch their sexy new sports car.

It’s hard to account for the difference. Europeans, for example, are smitten by her model good looks, while U.S. critics use her beauty to mock her for superficiality.

Lana Del Rey’s Old World Sexuality

Her brooding musical style, with its hints of fatalism, appeals to European sensibilities. Britain’s Guardian gave her album, Born to Die, four out of five stars and said it was “beautifully turned pop music.” In contrast, a Rolling Stone critic declared it “pop-trash perversity.” (Shades of another Led Zeppelin fiasco?)

For her music, she’s won two UK Brit Awards and two German Echo Awards. Both are the equivalent of the Grammys in this country. She’s also won a UK Q Award, MTV Europe and Britain Awards and an Ivor Novello Award from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors.

At the 2013 BRIT Awards, she aced out Taylor Swift for best international solo artist. Yet in her home country, she hasn’t been nominated for any awards, much less a Grammy. Okay, she did get a nod for a video at the MTV Music Video Awards, but that hardly counts.

The disparity is gaping and baffling. But she continues to take Europe by storm.

In her latest fashion feature, she wears Ralph Lauren Collection, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Rochas to capture the romaticism of Spain in the 1930s and 40s.

The feature, titled “Lana Del Rey’s Rosalita,” was shot by Nicole Nodland and styled by L’Official’s Vanessa Bellugeon. Hair by Anna Cofone and makeup by Pamela Cochrane.

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