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Burnell Taylor Exits, Lazaro Arbos Rises on American Idol

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Burnell Taylor (left) was cut last night by viewers, but Lazaro Arbos shows surprise strength.

Burnell Taylor (left) was cut last night by viewers, but Lazaro Arbos shows surprise strength.

Burnell Taylor turned out to be the unlucky one on “American Idol,” last night. It was a toss up who would go after a round of weak showings on classic rock night. Still Burnell was somewhat of a surprise, but not the only shocker.

Lazaro Arbos made a surprise push into the top three based on viewers’ votes, which had many, including his own mentor Jimmy Iovine, predicting far worse.

But if Arbos has anything going for him, it’s his pop star good looks, and they can’t be discounted now that viewers are calling the shots with their votes.

Kree Harrison and Angie Miller filled out the top three, with Amber Holcomb surprisingly caught in the middle, despite the best performance on rock night.

At this point, both Kree and Angie share front-runner status, only because they have distinct fan bases. Country singers always seem to do well and Kree, who hails from Nashville, has the country vote locked up. But Angie was the other standout on rock night and has solid pop star chops.

Janelle is a competent singer but for some reason she fails to excite in the personality department, which is all important when viewers are voting. Is she too pretty? That didn’t stop Carrie Underwood, who gave an emotional performance last night. Janelle may be playing it too safe to excite voters.

Burnell did himself no favors by trying to sing Bon Jovi’s classic song “You Give Love a Bad Name.” Still, he’s got talent and losing last night doesn’t mean he won’t have a career in music. Hello Jennifer Hudson.

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