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Miley Cyrus Takes Public Toke: Celebs Increasingly Flout Pot Laws

Miley Cyrus smokes what looks like pot on a Hotel balcony.

Miley Cyrus smokes what looks like pot on a Hotel balcony. (Photo:

Miley Cyrus didn’t seem to have a care in the world when she sat on he Miami hotel room balcony taking a long, deep hit of what could only be a marijuana blunt in full view of hovering paparazzi. But Miley is far from alone.

She’s one of a number of celebrities who have been photographed in public smoking was clearly looks like pot, despite state and federal laws that make possession and consumption of weed illegal.

A recent poll found that a majority of Americans now favor legalization of marijuana and a number of states have legalized it to treat medical conditions. But a number of celebrities have been way ahead of the curve on flagrant marijuana use.

Rihanna is by far the most notorious. She’s posted innumerable photos of herself, with glassy eyes, smoking monster blunts in a swirl of smoke.

Celebrities Caught in the Act


Although her pot use is attributed to growing up in Barbados, the drug is illegal there. Getting caught with small amounts can draw a $100 to $200 fine. Penalties are stiffer for growing or selling it.

Florida happens to have pretty stiff laws against marijuana. Possession of less than an ounce of weed (20 grams or less) is a misdemeanor, but punishable by up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine, according to NORML.

Over that amount, the penalty soars to five years in jail an a $5,000 fine. A conviction also causes the loss of driving privileges for two years.

An effort is underway in Florida to make marijuana legal for medical purposes and seven in ten residents are said to favor it, according to the Miami Herald.

Miley recently finished collaborating on a new song with rapper Snoop Lion (nee Dogg), a long-time and open user of marijuana. She’s been photographed previously appearing to be using the drug.

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