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Kristen Stewart Talks Love, Living Dangerously; But a Bust at Both

Kristen Stewart is still benefiting from pre-cheating public relations momentum. She’ll cover the October issue of Vogue magazine’s UK edition. But the thrust of the story “on love and living dangerously” seems, shall we say, awkward?

Stewart, 22, was riding a wave of positive energy from her appearance at the Cannes Film Festival in May and the upbeat coverage she received while filming and promoting “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

Kristen Stewart Dazzles in Gucci

Kristen Stewart’s cover photo is pure Hollywood. She dazzles in a floral dress by Gucci. Her expression, though, looks uncertain and slightly pained. Click the photo to enlarge.

Magazine cover stories are usually assigned months in advance. Stewart’s opinions on love and living dangerously were worthwhile enough as interview subjects back then, given the feminist slant of her Snow White character and her free-spirited, sexually liberated role in “On the Road.”

But that was before the scandal. We know now that Stewart is a bust at both love and living dangerously.

Her callous treatment of her devoted and trusting boyfriend Robert Pattinson shows she knows nothing about the meaning of love. He was not only blindsided by her affair with Snow White director Rupert Sanders, but she apparently deceived him for weeks, if not months.

And, the fact that she was so clumsy about fu*king around shows she knows nothing about living dangerously. If she truly had a feel for living on the edge, she wouldn’t have gotten caught. After all, that’s the very definition of living dangerously; doing dangerous things and not suffering the consequences.

Yet, she was exposed in the most humiliating way possible; in flagrante by a tabloid magazine that blasted an intrepid paparazzi’s photos on its cover. She might just as well have run naked down Hollywood Blvd., screaming what a fu*ker she is.

Of course, none of this is surprising. You may recall, after the first “Twilight” movie in 2008; her popularity was soaring and she was idolized by tweens and teens everywhere. Yet she was photographed casually smoking dope in public on her apartment building stoop, as if she’d just finished her shift at the local Seven-Eleven.

Kristen has said in interviews that she hates that image of herself. What must she think now?

Oddly, the cover photo is pure Hollywood. Stewart dazzles in a floral dress by Gucci. Her expression, though, looks uncertain and slightly pained. Was she harboring feelings of guilt over her still secret affair? Check it out.

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