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Kristen Stewart to Robert Pattinson: No Rupert Sanders Sex; Believe It?

Kristen Stewart reportedly told Robert Pattinson that she and “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders stop short of having sex, during their affair, which was limited to heavy petting.

The claim is being cited as one of the reasons that Pattinson has taken back Stewart after moving out on her when he learned of her cheating scandal through a tabloid report back in July.

But the story, reported by gossip site radaronline, citing an unnamed “source” is not new. Giovanni Agnelli, a producer of Stewart’s movie “Welcome to the Rileys,” made the same claim back in July in a series of bizarre twitter rants.

Kristen Stewart Cheating Photos

‘I’ll say right now what the manipulative media isn’t saying… Kristen Stewart did not have any type of sex with Rupert Sanders,” he wrote.

“The spin that keeps growing on this story is staggering,” he wrote, shortly after the affair became public. “There was NO on-set affair. Stop printing LIES.”

Agnelli did not explain the source for his statement, although he said Stewart “like a sister” to him because of the relationship they developed during production of the 2010 indie drama directed by Jake Scott. It also starring James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo.

Agnelli is listed as one of five producers along with Scott Bloom, Ridley Scott, the late-director Tony Scott and Michael Costigan. No one else has come forward publicly to back up his claim, including Stewart and Sanders.

Both Stewart and Sanders have publicly apologized for the affair, which seems odd if there was no sex involved. One of the photos snapped of the couple showed Sanders with his face buried in Stewart’s breasts.

“Kristen and Rupert both told their respective partners that they didn’t actually have sex,” the Web site reported, citing a source “close to the situation.”

“Kristen was absolutely steadfast that she only engaged in several make-out sessions with Rupert but never slept with him,” the so-called source claimed. What about blow jobs?

Although some tabloids have reported that the couple is back together, others claim they are still apart. All of the stories are based on anonymous sources close to the couple.

Pattinson and Stewart have not been seen or photographed together since the affair became pubic, although both have been seen in public separately.

Some reports claim the affair is nothing more than an epic publicity stunt between Kristen and Rob to hype the premiere of “Breaking Dawn: Part 2,” where they are expected to walk the red carpet together.

Plus, does it really matter if your girlfriend of four years didn’t actually go all the way with another guy? Let us know your thoughts, and click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more updates you can trust on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

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