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Selena Gomez Gets New Tattoo: It’s All in the Numbers (photos!)

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Selena Gomez Gets New Tattoo: It's All in the Numbers (photos!) 1Selena Gomez is a little behind inking her body like contemporaries Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Justin Bieber, but apparently just one tiny tat isn’t enough for her. So, she got another.

She proudly showed off the inking, not too dramatic mind you. It’s the Roman numbera LXXVI tattooed on the back of her neck just below the hairline.

The photo was posted by the New York City tattoo artist, Bang, Bang, on his Facebook page. The number 76 (in Arabic) is said to have significance beause it represents a beloved family member. She was reportedly turned on to the place by “Spring Breakers” co-star Vanessa Hudgens.

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Selena Gomez Gets New Tattoo: It's All in the Numbers (photos!) 2Selena Gomez Gets New Tattoo: It's All in the Numbers (photos!) 3Selena Gomez Gets New Tattoo: It's All in the Numbers (photos!) 4

The movie, in which she plays a bad girl on vacation with three friends in Florida during spring break may have rubbed off on her in more ways than one.

Before now, she only had one tiny tattoo, a music note on her left wrist. She said she also had to learn to smoke and use a bong for the movie, so who know’s what’s next.

The music note is a symbol of her love of music. “I was named after a singer and music obviously is a big influence for me. And there’s music stuff with my mom that means a lot to me, too,” she said in an interview.

Oddly, she vowed to forego any more tattoos earlier this year. But if you have one, next thing you know you have a dozen. Ask Miley, or Justin.

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