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Johnny Depp Rides as Tonto in First Lone Ranger Trailer (watch!)

1Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger ride together for the first time in a new trailer from upcoming movie “The Lone Ranger.” The movie is promising lots of action… and humor.

The clip provides fleeting glimpses of co-star Helena Bonham Carter. Also appearing are Tom Wilkinson, William Fichtner, Barry Pepper, James Badge Dale and Ruth Wilson.

The film from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski promises a different take on the masked rider because they story is being told from the Native American spirit warrior’s point of view.

Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer Ride Together


The filmmaker behind the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise appear to be infusing “The Lone Ranger” with the same irony and wit, judging from the new trailer. The two unlikely heroes must learn to work together and fight against greed and corruption.

The trailer opens with some ominous scene-setting to establish the mood of the movie. The film seems to be centered around the arrival of the great iron horse to the west and the fight for power and greed it sparks. The cinematography looks to be awesome.

The film, of course, almost didn’t get made. Depp personally lobbied Disney studio heads to take a chance on the production. It looks like it’s going to pay off, big time, with sequels in the offing.

“From the time of Alexander the Great, no man could travel faster than the horse that carried him. Not anymore,” says an ominous voice over. Imagine time and space under the mastery of man; power that makes emperors and kings look like fools. Whoever controls this controls the future.”

What follows are a series of quick montages of various characters with enough looks of Depp and Hammer to get a feel for the movie.

“There come a time kemosabe, when good men must wear mask,” says Depp.

Check out the trailer below and click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more Lone Ranger updates. The film debuts in July 2013.

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