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Rihanna Arms, Face, Midriff Look Thinner; Skin Lighter in Vogue

1Rihanna returns to Vogue’s cover for their November issue, sporting her radical new look. She looks model thin and may have gotten a little help from digital slimming, which Vogue is notorious for.

The magazine caused an uproar with its September fashion issue cover of Lady Gaga, who was slimmed substantially.

Vogue’s extensive photoshopping of the “Born this Way” singer was revealed in a behind-the-scenes promo video that showed Gaga looking substantially curvier.

Rihanna a Sexy Ingenue on Vogue Cover


Rihanna tipped the cover in a tweet that included a sneak peek of the magazine on Instagram. “Mama I made it! Here’s #2,” she wrote this morning (Oct. 13). Her hair is cropped short and is a black in color. She wears a strapless red lace dress.

The magazine should give a boost to her upcoming album, Unapologetic, due Nov. 19. She’s pictured topless on the album cover, with scribbling covering her private parts. But her expansive new Isis tattoo, dedicated to her late grandmother, is clearly visible. “#UNAPLOGETIC #phuckyoapologies,” she Tweeted about the cover art.

Rihanna last appeared on Vogue’s April 2011 “Shape” issue. At the time, the 5’8″ tall singer said she weighed 130 pounds and wore a size 2-4 dress.

In the latest cover photo, Rihanna looked like she got a little help, like Lady Gaga, around the midriff area. Her arms also seem unusually thin. Her skin also looks like it has been lightened.

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