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Lana Del Rey Channels Sylvia Plath’s Moody Style in Vogue (photos)

1Lana Del Rey’s retromania continues. She evokes images of the ’50s-era writer and poet Sylvia Plath in a new photo spread in the Australian edition of Vogue. Too pretentious?

Plath was a brilliant but trouble writer, who excelled academically at Smith College in the 1950s and got a taste of journalism as a guest editor of Mademoiselle magazine in New York.

She married poet Ted Hughes in 1956 and had two children with him. But she was plagued by depression and committed suicide in 1963 when she was 31, after several aborted attempts.

Lana Del Rey’s Melancholy Sexuality


Plath was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for poetry posthumously, the first writer to win the coveted prize in death.

Del Rey, 26, comes from an equally privileged background. Her father, investor Rob Grant, made a fortune buying and selling Internet domain names. She was raised in Lake Placid, NY, and shipped off to private Kent School at 14 because of alcohol abuse. She moved to New York at 18 and began playing music in clubs, mainly in Brooklyn before making it big.

Her style is melancholy and wistful, but she apparently appreciated the comparison to Plath. “Thank you to the wonderful women at Vogue,” she tweeted after seeing the cover.

She wears fashions by Shakuhachi, Jill Sander, Chanel, Roland Mouret and Stella McCartney. Her accessories include pieces by Bulgari, antique and estate jewelry and jewelry of her own design.

Del Rey tells the magazine that she sleeps in vintage fur, eats spaghetti and chocolate cake every day and has the names of Vladimir Nabokov, famous for writing “Lolita” and American poet Walt Whitman tattooed on her wrists.

She says one of her favorite books is “A Place in the Sun,” by photographer Slim Aarons.

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