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Kim Kardashian Bares Claws (and Breasts) for Halloween (photo!)

Kim Kardashian has managed to find a Halloween costume that allows her to flash her famous breasts without dressing up as a maid or hooker. (Been there, done that). This time she’s a fierce leopard with spots on top and a see-through mesh in front. WTF?

Kim tweeted the photo while shopping for costumes Monday in Miami where she’s filming her new reality television show.

Click here or photo at right to see Kim’s feline costume.

She wore a similar suit before (see photos) but the front was not see-through.

Stretched to the limit, the latest costume hugs Kim’s famous curves. The front, representing the leopard’s belly is a brown mesh fabric that exposed most of her breasts.

Check out Kim’s costumes; click to enlarge.

She wore it with cat’s ears headband something like Anne Hathaway in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Kim always makes a big-deal out of dressing up for Halloween. Last year, she went as comic book character “Poision Ivy.”

“When we were kids my mom would get so into it, and every year we would be so excited to get dressed up in our costumes.

“My mom always goes all out at Halloween and decorates her house and it always looks amazing!” she wrote on her blog.

Last year Kim doubled up with her mom and also dressed as “The Queen of Hearts,” from “Alice in Wonderland.”

What do you think Kim should wear this year? Let us know in the comments below. Please, don’t write hooker or whore. We’ve already got enough of those suggestions.

Check out her racy photo above and some of Kim’s all-time favorite costumes. And, click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more Kim Kardashian updates.

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