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Does Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart PDA Seem Staged?

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Does Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart PDA Seem Staged? 1

(Photo: INFDaily)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are definitely on the mend, but there’s still something very strange about their renewed relationship. Recent photos of them hugging and kissing seem a little too staged to be spontaneous. Are they putting on an act?

The “Twilight” couple are notorious for keeping out of the public spotlight, especially on their home turf in Los Angeles.

Their past success at avoiding paparazzi must have given Kristen the confidence to meet “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders in a place where they thought they’d have some privacy.

Now, as their promotional duties loom for “Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” Rob and Kristen suddenly have become more visible as a couple. They have been photographed several times in the last few days embracing each other, kissing and talking intimately.

Yet, there are clearly other signs that they have not totally repaired their relationship and may never do so.

The most glaring is Kristen’s decision to throw down more than $2 million to buy her own house about a mile and a half from Rob’s in Los Feliz, a tony suburb of Los Angeles. In many ways that suggests their relationship has gone back to square one.

Another odd development is Summit Entertainment’s decision to book separate hotel rooms during their promotional tour for the movie. In one location, they are even booked into separate hotels. Some reports claim its a precautionary measure, just in case things go south…or are south.

Most of the reports are also coming from tabloids based on anonymous sources. But the photographic evidence doesn’t lie. Or does it?

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