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Kristen Stewart Sexy Little Louis Vuitton Dress Sparks Puns (photos!)

1Kristen Stewart jumped out at a fan event in a black-and-white Louis Vuitton jumpsuit during her promotion of “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” in Japan. But the dress drew quips from Internet wags because of her own “checkered” past.

Stewart, 22, posed on the red carpet at the Kumamo Shrine today (Oct. 24). She looked relaxed and smiled a lot. She wore dark, heavy mascara, black-painted fingernails and sky-high black stiletto heels to complement her ’60s retro-style dress.

Kristen has reportedly reconciled with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson in the wake of her cheating scandal with “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders.

Kristen Stewart All Legs in Louis Vuitton


But apparently it’s not so easy escaping her immediate past. It’s still an open question whether the “Twilight” couple has truly reconciled or are just going through the motions. While they’ve been seen kissing and talking intimately in public, they also now own separate houses.

So far the couple has not been reunited on the Breaking Dawn red carpet. While Kristen is in Japan, Rob is pulling similar duties in Australia. Rob was spotted out with friends at a bar, partying last night.

Both Rob and Kristen will be heading back to Los Angeles this weekend and some reports claim they will handle another Breaking Dawn press junket together. They are contractually obligated to appear at the Nov. 14 premiere and the London premiere of the film.

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