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The Simpsons Mr. Burns Warms Up to ‘Meat’ Romney (watch!)

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The Simpsons Mr. Burns Warms Up to 'Meat' Romney (watch!) 1 Listen to this article

The Simpsons Mr. Burns Warms Up to 'Meat' Romney (watch!) 2Springfield’s resident soulless mogul Mr. Burns pauses for reflection on the latest episode of The Simpsons to explain why he’s endorsing Republican candidate Mitt Romney. But first he’s got to explain away a few small problems and one very big problem.

It’s hard to believe the hilarious episode aired on the Fox Network, which has been a bastion of right-wing agitprop throughout the election.

Nobody captures the essence of a “Fox News” Republican quite like Mr. Burns, the ultimate “vulture” capitalist. So what’s his take on the presidential election?

Well, despite what he describes as those “unimaginatively, horribly good job numbers, we’re feeling pretty confident,” he says as thunder claps and lightning flashes in the background.

“There’s only one thing that may deny us the presidency, which is the god-given property of the Republican Party,” he bemoans.

In rapid fire, trusty executive assistance Waylon Smithers reels off all the possible roadblocks… “The 47 percent tape? The empty chair? Cayman Islands? Swiss bank accounts?”

“Not a problem,” Mr Burns says dismissively. “No, No, No and No. It’s a shaggy dog story about an actual shaggy dog.”

Check out the clip below to find out Mitt’s political Achilles heel. And, click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more hilarous comedy updates.

Footnote: The blue state, red state election map in Mr. Burns’ study shows an Obama victory.

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