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Justin Bieber Honors Moms With Single 'Turn to You' (Listen!)

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Justin Bieber Honors Moms With Single 'Turn to You' (Listen!) 1Justin Bieber delivered as promised his new single, “Turn to You” dedicated to mothers everywhere, especially single moms who are trying to raise kids alone. And, just in time for Mother’s Day?

Justin had one single mom in mind, his own. Mother Pattie Mallette raised the young Biebs after his deadbeat dad took off. He has since reconciled with his father.

But did the 18-year-old singer also have another single mom in mind? Mariah Yeater claims that Justin fathered her child in a backstage tryst during one of his concerts at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Mariah is now a single mom rising her child on her own. Her claim has never been publicly resolved. Justin has pledged that profits will go to help single moms in need. Maybe she can apply for some of those proceeds.

Justn’s mom became pregnant with him when she was 18. The lyrics are a touching tribute to her efforts.

“You worked two jobs
To keep a roof above our heads
You chose a life for me no you never gave up.
I admire you,
For the strength you’ve instilled in me.”

“[It’s] about the struggles, I say in the song,” Bieber told MTV. “She had me at like the age I am now. [It’s about] just the struggles she went through and how brave she was, and I think the world needed to know that.”

Bieber’s new album Believe drops June 19.

Bieber released the video for his first single off the album, “Boyfriend” last week. Check out his new song below.

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