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Robert Pattinson Fears Twilight Movies Will Haunt Him

Robert Pattinson cast an indelible impression as vampire Edward Cullen in the hit “Twilight” films, but the blockbuster series that made him a star was never really the direction he wanted to go in his career.

Indeed, “Twilight” was both a blessing and a curse, the young actor reveals in a new unguarded interview with Telerama, a French magazine.

“I was scared… my life would pass and that someone would ask me one day, ‘So apart from Twilight, what did you do?’ In this industry, you’re easily typecast,” he says.

Check out Rob and Kristen’s photos; click to enlarge.

More than anything, Rob wants to get back to art-house cinema and independent films. He mentions wanting to do films like the black comedies by Todd Solodnz or dramas for men by James Gray or Jacques Audiard.

The “Twilight” phenomenon was something he never expected, and has never let it go to his head. “I never proved anything, I was never fooled by the hysteria that surrounds me,” he says of the films, which became a worldwide phenomenon.

“It’s the character that I play, Edward Cullen, the romantic vampire. Besides, before the movie was even made, girls would screams at Stephenie Meyer’s public readings.”

But when the role came along, Rob decided to go for it. Although he has often said he only decided to audition because Kristen Stewart was in the film, he was also desperate for work.

“I was at loss, I would do one acting job after the other without any consistency,” he says. “Thirty-euros days job. When I was offered ‘Twilight,’ I didn’t have a choice.

“It had been three years that my agent in Hollywood would try to find me a job without any luck. Usually, after six months of unsuccessfull search, you’re dead in this industry, but she kept believing.

“I was never fascinated by a role, but when I’m chosen I give myself to my character at 150 percent.”

Indeed, Rob’s portrayal of Edward, the lonely vampire who seeks eternal love to go with his eternal life, enthralled millions of fans and capture the spirit of Meyers’ creation.

With the series set to end this fall, Rob is philosophical about what it all means.

“I’m curious to reunite with this universe for the last time, to see the effect it will have on me and on the audience. I feel like the frenzy is starting to die down. We step into the era of ‘The Hunger Games,’ the world wants fresh meat!”

“Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” the final film in the series, will hit theaters in November.

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